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Traditional media, like print, radio and television have proved their mettle for the longest time. However, with most of your target audience undeniably engaged with the Internet and global trends pointing to millions of brand and product-centred conversations taking place every day, it is only logical that purchase decisions and brand opinions too are formed with inputs from the Internet. With two-way conversations, rich media and high degrees of engagement Internet based social platforms are hives of commercial and brand activity – 24/7.

It is therefore of paramount importance, that your brand or product name be present at all the places where your customers gather. Brands cannot afford not to be social with today’s dynamic customer. Not only does your target group seek out others who may have used your product or service, they also actively provide their opinions to others. It is important for your business to be able to influence opinions with your messages as part of a conversation. Brands need to be human today and meet customer expectations, without trying to just sell mindlessly.

Strategise (Suggested for small businesses)

  • Brand/Product/Service Analysis
  • Target Customer Profile Analysis
  • Target Platform(s) identification
  • Message Type and Frequency and recommendations
  • Propagation Training

Engage (Suggested for medium and large businesses)

  • Strategy and Platform Identification
  • Message Feedback and Design Assistance
  • Message Delivery as per desired frequency

Buzz (Recommended for small, medium and large businesses)

  • Product/Brand/Service Analysis
  • Target Consumer Segment Analysis
  • Message Recommendations and Suggestions
  • Target Platform Suggestions
  • Message Propagation and implementation

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